What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a scientifically based holistic system of medicine that is rapidly gaining popularity in the United States and worldwide  because of its effectiveness, safety and low cost.  Homeopathy works naturally to activate and boost the body’s own inner ability for self-healing.  Very dramatic and long lasting improvement or cure is seen in a wide variety of illnesses including diseases traditionally called chronic or incurable.

Many of the fundamental ideas and principles of Homeopathy may be quite different than those to which you are accustomed.  It isn’t necessary to fully understand Homeopathy for it to work for you, just as it isn’t necessary to fully understand or believe in x-rays in order to have a picture produced.

The goal of treatment with Homeopathy is FREEDOM.  Freedom on the physical level means a sense of well-being, vitality and symptom-free living.  On the emotional level, it means joyful, satisfying relationships with your family, society and yourself.  On the mental level freedom results in positive, creative expression through a career, service or the arts.

Homeopathy views the human being as a dynamic, responsive and health-oriented organism that expresses itself in a physical, emotional and mental way.  The sum of these ‘levels’ [physical, emotional and mental] constitutes the whole person.  As a unified being, each level can and does affect the others.  For example, we all have experienced how our emotions can affect us physically or how our physical health can impact our moods.  Homeopathy looks at us in this comprehensive way, taking into consideration symptoms and information from all three levels  in its diagnosis and treatment plan.

To evaluate the whole person, Homeopathy takes a very broad view of the term “symptom”.  To a Homeopath, a symptom means any characteristic from any of your three levels.  Therefore, symptoms may include: your physical complaints; your emotions, thoughts, reactions to stress or weather conditions, your sleep patterns, food preferences, childhood experiences; your family, social and work experiences as well as other important areas.  In cases of chronic disease it usually takes three hours to collect enough information from all these areas before the proper prescription can be made.  Often addition time, sometimes hours, is necessary to study and analyze all the information as well as research various aspects.  This individualization is a key feature of Homeopathy.  It is often surprising to new patients to see how much attention the doctor gives to unexplained and annoying symptoms that have persisted for so long.

Think of the way a mechanic cares for your automobile.  The car is exposed to wear and tear and certain environmental influences.  To keep everything running smoothly, the car must be serviced at the first sign of any problem.  You, too, are exposed to various stresses: emotional, mental, chemical and environmental influences, as well as others.  Any of these stresses can start a disease process.  By paying attention to precise details of every symptom, the homeopathic physician prescribes a medicine to “tune-up” or re-establish your healthy state.

You have another very important part called the defense mechanism.  This is the part that keeps you healthy on all levels.  The defense mechanism can be regarded as your immune system; yet it is much more than that because it also keeps you healthy on the emotional and mental levels.  When your defense mechanism is operating perfectly, you don’t even notice it.  Those are the times when you feel energetic, vital, creative, joyful and loving.  You experience this wonderful level of health and vitality not because of the absence of stresses or germs, as is commonly thought, but because your defense mechanism resists against or deals with these external influences.

Sometimes the defense mechanism may be overpowered by a stronger disease force, which requires activation of physical, emotional and mental symptoms as your body reacts to combat stress, grief, deprivation, shock or other factors.  The symptoms produced reflect the defense mechanism “battling” it out against the disease.  When the battle is over and the defense mechanism has re-established harmony and health, the symptoms are no longer needed and they disappear.  This episode is known as an acute illness.

In another instance, the disease influence may again be strong enough to cause a reaction in the defense mechanism producing symptoms just like in the acute illness.  In this case, however, the defense mechanism is not strong enough to completely fight off the disease and the result is a chronic condition with symptoms lasting for months, years or even a lifetime.

The symptoms are not the actual disease.  In the process of protecting itself from a disease influence or disturbance, the defense mechanism creates a very precise set of symptoms.  It knows exactly what is needed to fight that disease.  So, the continued presence of any symptom indicates the continued presence of a disease.

Traditionally symptoms are thought to be a malfunctioning of the body that must be suppressed or to be caused by a microbe invade that must be killed.  This is clearly represented by the types of medicines that are available to doctors: antibiotics, anti-histamines, anti-depressants, anti-inflammatories, anti- hypertensives and so forth.  In most cases, these medicines must be taken continually to keep the symptoms from returning.  This counteracts all the body’s efforts to protect itself.  Conventional treatment may give immediate relief from a particular symptom, but the patient’s overall health and resistance to disease are not improved and are often weakened.

With Homeopathic treatment, the patient’s symptoms are also eliminated; but this time it’s because the remedy helps to eliminate the reason the body developed symptoms in the first place.  By eliminating the disease process that forces the body to produce symptoms, the symptoms are no longer necessary and the body stops producing them.  This is the true definition of healing: gentle, natural and permanent disappearance of symptoms and disease.  This is why Homeopathic remedies are taken for only short periods of time.  Sometimes only one dose is needed.

How does Homeopathy assist in removing the inner disease process, which then leads to such dramatic healing?  Prescribing is based on a biologic principle called the Law of Similars that states: whenever you give a healthy person a substance, a certain plant or mineral for instance, very distinct symptoms will be produced.  Whenever a doctor sees that same group of symptoms in a sick person, then that same substance (in homeopathic form) will cure him.  This concept is so unfamiliar to most people that it may sound amazing.  Nonetheless, it is a fact of nature that has been well demonstrated and used in healing for centuries.

When a person has an illness, acute or chronic, he will exhibit a specific set of symptoms.  We already know that those symptoms are a sign of the body’s best effort to combat the disease.  By prescribing a Homeopathic remedy that has proven it can produce that same set of symptoms, we are giving the body a little bit more of exactly what it needs to fight the disease.  By empowering the body in this way, it will be able to do what it couldn’t do before; overcome the disease.  Now, the symptoms are no longer needed and they simply disappear.

We may never actually know the cause or exact nature of the original disease influence.  The symptoms are its reflection and will be enough to guide the doctor to the correct remedy.  The body will then cure the disease process itself with the extra boost from the appropriate remedy.

There are over 5000 Homeopathic remedies currently with more added each year, that are derived from plant, mineral and a few animal substances.  The remedies are created by a processing method that is unique to Homeopathy.  With this method, all the toxic effects of the original substances are removed but the healing power is retained.  Contrasted to conventional drugs or even plants and herbs, Homeopathic remedies do not produce side effects, overdosing or poisoning.

Homeopathy works dramatically, deeply and safely to improve or cure an incredible variety of medical conditions from infections to hypertension, from premenstrual syndrome to headaches.  This may sound too good to be true, yet Homeopathic doctors worldwide have used this method to relieve people of these and many other disease processes and symptoms for over two centuries.  No wonder this gentle, effective, safe and non-toxic healing approach is attracting the interest of so many people.

Historically, Homeopathy’s success was a major factor in its disappearance in the early 1900’s.  At that time approximately 15% of all doctors in this country and Europe were Homeopaths.  The effectiveness in curing acute diseases as well as the dramatic results and improvements in chronic conditions caused concern, both economically and politically among the conventional medical establishment and the drug manufacturers.  Even without knowing the details of the years of suppression and struggle, you are aware of the outcome.  Homeopathy all but disappeared in the United States.  If this seems unlikely, think about how difficult it has been to bring nutrition or preventive medicine into the mainstream of medical care today.

The current phenomenal resurgence of Homeopathy is simply a reflection of the demand for a more direct, affordable and human-oriented medical system.  You now have the opportunity to experience the enormous benefits for yourself as we participate in the change, improvement and redirection  of medical care.